In view of the humiliating treatment by capital of scientific discoveries that improve people’s lives but do not bring financial gains to existing corporations, I would like to express my opinion and demonstrate on behalf of all those concerned. In fact, it concerns all people on this earth, but most of all people of knowledge and science.


Bioemantic feedback from the brain (B.S.M.). It is a method that relieves suffering, endures diseases, does not allow to fall ill, if used prophylactically, cures cancer: lungs, liver, pancreas, and with the help of so-called conventional medicine could cure all other cancers. However, it is not used in patients because pharmaceutical companies and the so-called medical elite will not earn money from its implementation. Such action leads to simple conclusions – human life has no meaning for business. Some businessmen apply this Method themselves, but they will not tell the sick about it. The dramatic thing is that they will not tell their friends about it, even the richest ones, because they are afraid that there will be one who will promote it.

They won’t say, either, because they’ll know at once that their existence is also threatened. The B.S.M. method indicates that the science based on Earth’s energies is nothing compared to the possibility of drawing energy, which is omnipresent in the Cosmos. The treatment with B.S.M. Method is affected by the electromagnetic field of both the Earth and the Cosmos. This means that knowledge of the operation of electromagnetic fields of the Cosmos eliminates the need to use traditional Earth energies, because the energy from the Cosmos is free. The fact that we can be treated free of charge is not the only harbinger of progress in other areas of our lives. After all, there are known discoveries in obtaining energy sources for energy propulsion systems. Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, magnetic fields of cobalt, superconductivity of matter or electricity of space are known to scientists but ignored. And yet the implementation of these discoveries would allow a life free of charge for energy, which would mean that every human being could exist – on every corner of the Earth – without the spectre of hunger.

Nevertheless, the B.S.M. Method is the most dramatic confrontation between the current world economic situation and the constantly emerging discoveries that improve human existence (because they save health and life). Ignorance of business people has something of a tragedy in it, because in reality, these people, not promoting this Method but having the opportunity to do so, also destroy the health of their closest relatives, friends and co-workers. What causes that nobody said anything about this Method? The answer is one. Fear. Fear of reducing the quality of own life. These people do not understand that they have already improved their lives when they learned about the B.S.M. Method – after all, they do not have to fear any diseases. All they do is think about their money, which will lose its importance. If people do not need their pharmaceuticals to live (pharmaceuticals are currently the most profitable and at the same time the most poisonous industry, which, because of its income, derives profits from other areas of the economy, such as: insurance companies, hospitals – with B.S.M. to a small extent needed, cosmetics industry, etc.), their energy resources, oil, gas, power plants, then who are they? Until now, they had power in the world and now they have nothing. That is why space exploration is really a dummy – it is business people who are afraid of the development of science and through globalization they try to appropriate it for their own needs.


An attempt to bring under control all progressive scientific discoveries that may threaten corporations. Preventing the emergence of competitive new companies, which thanks to newer technologies, could lead corporations to bankruptcy. Because in fact, the value of a new discovery at our age exceeds the value of money, and sometimes it is impossible to compare these values at all (the example of B.S.M. self-healing, which costs nothing). The seizure of scientific knowledge by business is made very easy by the unwritten consent of scientists to accept this inequality. Well, the inventor usually agrees to sell the rights to his
discovery, at the moment when he receives a lot of money for it, knowing that it never is going to be used. However, if he had been given the opportunity to implement this discovery with borrowed money from a bank, not only would his company have generated huge profits exceeding many times the amount offered to him for selling the discovery, but it would also have allowed him to make further discoveries on its basis. This would enable both technical and civilizational progress to change the era. Therefore, such a bank or fund must be established. Of course, it will not be made up of money from existing banks, which are controlled by business. It should be created with the money and funds of contemporary explorers, scientists and private foundations. It should also be supplied from a small percentage of the gratuities that discoverers receive for already implemented business discoveries.

The governments of states should also establish independent scientific councils, which, after presenting them with discoveries designed to save health and life, would by law issue an order for their implementation.

Since the economic, political and legal shape of individual states is given by political parties in the interests of big business, in order to change the law, a Knowledge and Science Party must be established. Only winning the parliamentary elections of such a party would guarantee that societies would be able to benefit from revolutionary discoveries and inventions.


It is enough to reach people with information on new discoveries and present their possibilities to improve the lives of each of us.

If any family finds out that they don’t have to spend money on health because it’s the B.S.M. Method, if they find out that can educate child for a small fee via the Internet, if they find out that do not need to spend large amounts of money on oil to drive a car, because you can drive it with water (just buy for a small amount of money an appetizer to the engine – a Polish discovery), if they find out that this car will be extremely safe because it has bumpers that cushion even very strong collisions (Polish discovery), if they find out that does not need to worry about electricity, because it is supplied with the use of cheap in exploitation geothermal waters, or taken from space through accumulation practically for free (Polish discovery), then for whom it will vote? After all, it is not the parties representing not the voters, but the corporations of oppression and exploitation that have been represented so far.

Nowadays, politicians, under the pretext that they do not know about a given area of life, give all decisions to these corporations. The simplest example: Medicine. The medical system does what it wants with people, because no one is able to control doctors. In this way, instead of helping people, medicine becomes more and more dangerous for them. None of the sick people know if they should have surgery or not. They also don’t know if the medicine they’re taking is definitely the right choice. The more hospital operations there are, the more the hospital and doctor will earn. The more (preferably expensive) drugs a sick person takes, the more the company producing them, in connection with representatives of medical institutions, will earn. Currently, the patient goes to hospital not in the hope of a cure, but with fear that something will happen to him.

Medical science is no longer fulfilling its role of saving human life and health, not least because its further development is only possible through the study and use of the body’s natural binder, i.e. electromagnetic fields. They no longer have anyone to give the Nobel Prize, so they give it for research on mice, although the Nobel Prize is given to scientists for discoveries that are verifiable in practice.

Similar activity can be observed in law corporations, insurance companies, banks – practically everywhere where the success is determined by money. The Party of Knowledge and Science will change this value. Success in human life will not be determined by money, but by knowledge serving to improve the quality of human life. Implementation of discoveries that increase the value of life and make it independent from the value of money in some areas will be accompanied by securing the interests of business groups.

In order to protect small savers from bankruptcy on the stock exchanges, the principle of minimum payout guarantees during a crash should be introduced and government compensation should be guaranteed for employees who lose their jobs due to the implementation of new discovery. Companies should be advised in advance of the discovery so that they can switch to other production. The minimum payouts should include all companies listed on the stock exchange.


Our behavior in this world is subject to habits that we agree to, although not everyone likes them. We agree, for example, to show ads, although we know that they do not represent the truth and watching them makes the subconscious addictive.

Giving all our existence to a corporation and allowing them to be judges in their own case is, however, a limitation of their own life, aimed at its destruction. An excellent example is Poland, where the government allowed the Constitutional Tribunal to interpret the constitution independently. In this way, the Court, in accordance with the interests of legal corporation from which the members of the Court originate, imposed on the Polish society a defence counsel from limited groups of advocates and advisers – very expensive groups, of course, and since limited groups are also those who do not have to know much because of the lack of competition. What will be good for a man and who is to defend him cannot be decided by anyone but themselves. At best they can be advised or discouraged. It is precisely because of the inability to defend own interests that man becomes a tool in the hands of another human being.

Meanwhile, developed countries have created a patent system which, through its fees, does not give ordinary explorers a chance to patent their inventions. He has to use the corporation’s money and become addicted to it.

Patent services should be free of charge. Only the institutions that want to benefit from the discovery should bear the costs. In case of life-saving and health-saving discoveries, the costs should be borne by the state – because this society will benefit from them. Then there will be more explorers and a better quality of life for all of us.

The need to investigate life-beneficial phenomena that do not bring immediate income to business is extremely important for progress. Just as important as the development of mathematics, which was cultivated by only a few enthusiasts. Mathematics at a higher level did not arouse financial interest until our times, when suddenly it turned out that it is very much needed in computer science. If it were not for the research of enthusiastic scientists and their priceless – once ignored – records, there would be no Internet, no computers and no digital communication.

Ignoring the influence of electromagnetic fields on our organisms is the same as abandoning mathematical research. Through this, a man cannot go into an age free from disease. Because you need to know that this electromagnetic field builds and integrates our body and therefore the chemical composition of the body is less important than modern medicine. It is through the strengthening of this field that B.S.M. patients undergo self-healing and the restoration of important organs such as the heart and liver (many people have avoided transplants).

After discovering this Method, man has a choice whether he wants to live in the civilization of money and death, or in the civilization of knowledge and life.

Someone may say it’s a utopia, but the way the socially accepted discovery works can be seen in Poland. There are several million of us here, using the B.S.M. Method. We are not afraid of the emigration of doctors or closed hospitals, we live without fear of illness and lack of money for treatment, because we do not need them anymore. Check the Method, ask the mothers who have cured their children, ask at work who knows the B.S.M. Method and the world will become more friendly to you. The method dispels the myth that science cannot help man. As you can see, it is in a state of mind, provided that it implements discoveries beneficial for life and not the wallets of exploiters. Now that the Polish health care system is forcing patients to pay high private “subsidies”, the use of B.S.M. will find a better understanding among people who were so far skeptical and did not check it on themselves.

It’s time to talk about a groundbreaking discovery for everyone.