The BSM method touches on phenomena which in the middle of the last century studied the scientist from Yale University Dr. Harold Saxton Burr (Research published in the book “Blueprint for Immortality. The Electric Patterns of Life” published in London in 1972). According to his theory, every living organism is subordinated to a general pattern, in the form of an electromagnetic field, which orders him to maintain the correct shape. This is necessary because the material of which the body is made up is constantly being used up and replaced by new material taken from food. The electromagnetic field called “L” field by Burra tells the body to rebuild tissues according to the correct pattern. Therefore, health and life of the organism depends on the proper functioning of “L” field. According to Burr, such a field, which has every form of life, both plant and animal, can be measured with a regular voltmeter. Burr used accurate measurements of the field of life to diagnose diseases, which early detection is difficult for today’s medicine and is of great importance e.g. cancer of internal organs. It turned out that changes in the electromagnetic field of the organism can be observed even before the appearance of e.g. cancer, although there are no physical changes in the examined organ.


Influencing this “L” field so as to improve its operation. This way, the body is able to heal itself. In short, the action of this field can be approximated by associating the action of a magnet field with the iron filings on a sheet of paper. If you put a magnet under a sheet of paper, the filings will form a beautiful pattern, which will disintegrate if you put the magnet away. With self-healing B.S.M. we achieve an improvement in the pattern that builds up and gives nature a fully functioning body. This pattern gives us the magnetic field of space and earth. Approximately the phenomenon of fixing the pattern and removing illnesses through putting the hand to a head in an appropriate place depends on what would be for iron filings the increase of force of a magnet, e.g. putting a second one.

The second discovery tells us where to put your hand: at the beginning of the 20th century, the location of the Central Nervous System Centres in the brain was discovered. There are centers of motion and feeling. We’re covering up the feel centers.

The third most recent discovery is the presence of magnetite crystals in the human brain. The brain pulls the magnetic field from our hand because it is equipped with this mineral. Imagine that the presence of magnetite in the brain of animals was known – e.g. birds, which explains the direction of flights, but we know that magnetite is present in humans only now. The discovery was made in the ‘80s. The magnetite itself produces a magnetic field and draws other fields.

These discoveries do not appeal to modern medicine because it would have to change by 180 degrees and become independent of medicines. Therefore, medical students are not familiar with these discoveries.

So far, we have the possibility of self-healing with B.S.M. method in conditions about which earlier it would be said that it is not possible. Three examples: The lady who had a shorter leg suddenly stated with amazement that both legs were equal, although she used B.S.M. for pain on both sides of her hips. Another lady was 40 years old with a facial contraction after trigeminal nerve inflammation. She didn’t use her self-medication on this contracture. She held her hand to treat her heart. Suddenly, after two weeks, she said she was out of contracture. Another lady was waiting in pain for a spinal hernia operation. She couldn’t get out of bed, but she had a book, so she started using B.S.M. It lasted a week, she used as much as she could. A week after she tried to get out of the bed, she said nothing hurt. And so she avoided surgery, which as we know does not always end up with the expected result.