I only regretted that despite my neighbor’s insistence I hadn’t tried B.S.M. before. This is strange to me, because I could see that my neighbor stopped walking on crutches. Due to osteoporosis her spine burst in three places. Now everything has grown out and the osteoporosis has retreated. A neighbor was also ill with sarcoidosis. She had to take a huge amount of steroids. I remember she was very weak and I had to visit her at home. Some year ago everything changed. My neighbor was healed. Now she visits me and my cat. We often go shopping together. So I think how much people do not know anything about this method. And even if they know and see cured people, it’s hard for them to realize that keeping hands on their heads can help. That’s how it was with me. This is because B.S.M. is an untypical method, because you don’t have to believe in it, you just have to hold your hands. And you have to get used to everything that is not typical first. I still hold my hands on the rheumatism of my fingers and it’s mostly when I watch TV. The pain is no longer with me; before I was in such pain that I couldn’t carry shopping. Now I have no problems with it. I cordially greet the editors and readers. Especially the sick one, for whom nothing can help! There is always a chance, but you have to look for it and listen to reliable people. Neighbors who have known each other for many years and with whom they have been in contact are just such. I believed my neighbor and won. And there is still a cat. Who knows if I hadn’t had it, I would have helped myself.

Alicja Zdunikowska