I’m happily married and the mother of a seventeen-year-old daughter. However, several years a go my secure world collapsed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tests revealed that the tumor was cancerous and on September 19, 2001, my breast was surgically removed.
A year after the operation, new cancerous tumors were found, this time in my lungs and on my liver. I received chemotherapy and took other drugs. Unfortunately, the therapy was ineffective, and I began thinking about the worst.
One day I saw a TV program presented by Piotr Lewandowski, who promotes self-healing using the BSM method. I listened to the testimonies of people who had used the BSM method to cure themselves of various illnesses including: stomach ulcers, serious heart disease, degenerative joint disease and others.
Encouraged by these examples, I read the book, “Self-Healing Using the BSM Method.”
“I’m putting aside my medicines and I’m going to use this method!” I told my doctor at the beginning of 2005.
Strangely enough, my doctor did not protest. Most likely she thought that nothing could help or hurt me at that point…
The BSM method relies on placing the palm of your hand over centers in the brain that are linked by energy to areas of illness in your body. In my case it was treatment position no. V. I held my hands in that position whenever I could.
Something extraordinary happened. When, after three months of self-healing, I had tests done, it turned out that I had no tumors in my lungs. There remained only a small, cancerous spot on my liver. I felt a new lease on life. My husband and daughter went wild with joy. Particularly after another three months when the tumor on my liver disappeared as well. I couldn’t believe it.
A month ago I had a so called marker, a test that detects cancerous cells. Everyone has them. The norm for healthy people is 25, and my result was only 14! That’s why I believe that the cancer will not return.
At first my husband was very skeptical of my experiment, but the results convinced him. Because he suffers from atherosclerosis of the veins, he followed my example and now uses the BSM method. His legs are no longer swollen and they do not hurt.

Grażyna Cymmerman – 56 – from Lódź