Our 22-month-old wolf Cheyenne (read Szejen) already had a surgery date set by the vet as a kind of cancer appeared on her lower lip. It was a constantly increasing white growth, which after a month started to branch out like a starfish and from the nodule they were sticking out as if they were white tassels. The nodule reached a size of 2 cm. The vet said that when the nodule is cut out, it will most likely always grow back.

I decided to try B.S.M. method. For 50 days I held my hand on Cheyenne’s head – between the ears – until it was completely cured. The nodule was smaller every day. Experimentally, I did not hold my hand on the dog’s head for 2 days and I noticed that the tumor was immediately growing. After 50 days of B.S.M. therapy, the nodule disappeared completely and doesn’t grow back.

In addition, my friend with B.S.M. method cured the first stage of cervical cancer, another – the so-called red spot on the cervix, or the so-called premature phase of cervical cancer.

Thanks to B.S.M. I have forgotten what kidney pain is. This method perfectly helps when there is a so-called fever, i.e. herpes on the lip – you should use B.S.M. – an interesting thing – in the position IV immediately, when you feel that herpes is formed. Permanently used position IV prevents colds.

Position IV effectively removes toothache from me, but of course caries does not cure.

In addition, position VI makes it easier for me to fall asleep, and position II removed my face nervous tissue after a week, as well as the tick wound, which for half a year did not want to heal.

So BSM should be handled by scientists and doctors as soon as possible.

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