My twenty-two-year-old son suffers from Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy. It’s a genetic disease that causes the wasting away of all the muscles. My brother also had this disease. That’s why I had three genetic tests done before deciding on having a child. I was assured I did not have the genes for this disease. I had the test repeated while I was pregnant and the results were similar.
I gave birth to a son. When he was three, I noticed that something wasn’t right with Kamil. In 1988 doctors diagnosed him with dystrophy. “There are no drugs to treat this disease.” I was told.
I was terrified and looked for information about this illness wherever I could. I clutched at every flicker of hope. In 1998 I heard on television that the University of Connecticut, in the USA, had discovered a drug to treat this disease. I flew there together with my son. It turned out that the clinic there does not treat people with the drug, but sends patients to Korea. The cost of the treatment was $150,000! I tried to find someone whom the treatment had helped, but I was unable to find anybody.
In 2003 I learned that they treat this disease in Kiev, Ukraine. The cost, 60,000 PLN. Thanks to the help pf various institutions and kindhearted people I managed to gather that sum. We went to Kiev twice. The first time my son received some sort of injections, but there was no improvement. The second time he came down with some sort of lung infection. He barely survived. I was depressed and had no more strength left. I began regaining it thanks mainly to Kamil, who is a cheerful boy. He always cheers me up.
The greatest threats to him are infections of the upper respiratory tract and lungs. They are difficult to treat due to the progressive wasting away of the muscles used in breathing. As a result of such infections, people with dystrophy died from suffocation. That is why every cold Kamil caught filled us with such fear.
Now Kamil no longer catches colds. He credits the BSM self-healing method. Two years ago I bought Piotr Lewandowski’s book, “Self-Healing Using the BSM Method.” The method relies on placing the palms of your hand on the head of the patient – the patient can do it him/herself. I keep my hands on Kamil’s head for 45 minutes twice a day in position V, which covers the brain centers that are responsible for functioning of the throat and the lungs.
My son now breathes normally and no longer catches upper respiratory infections. He used to fall ill several times a year. This means that the progress of the illness has been stopped. Kamil’s overall condition has improved significantly.

Barbara Majchrzak – 46 – from Slupsk