I have suffered from insomnia for ten years. I couldn’t sleep all nights and the medication didn’t help much, I walked around the house as if I was intoxicated. I stopped working earlier. Perhaps the change in the daily rhythm was the reason for this insomnia. At home for years there was a book titled: Self-healing with B.S.M. method by Piotr Lewandowski, but I didn’t use it even though my neighbor encouraged me to use the same treatment as her method helps. This method consists in holding hands on the head in a specific place and you don’t have to believe in the cure in its entirety. It seemed strange to me. It wasn’t until the vet discovered diabetes in my cat and said that it would be best to put her to sleep, and then I thought I’d try the B.S.M. self-healing method on my kitten. It turned out that my cat was no longer sluggish, thinner and moved more lively. When I saw that the method works on a cat, I found out that it might work for me as well. Nevertheless, I was dragging on using it at home and finally, in May, I tried it on holiday at the seaside. There is such a position of placing the hand next to forehead that it makes you fall asleep. Sometimes you can see on a train journey that the sleeping person has his hand on the side of head. But it was only after reading in that way that I associated myself. How did I rejoice when I finally had a sleepy night. The first one in 10 years! The second and third nights were the same. Until now! And it’s been 4 months. What a relief for me and my family. And my husband how happy he is!

Mirosława Baszkiewicz