I am please and satisfied to say that thanks to the BSM method I cured my 15-month-old child of bronchitis in less than three days. Friday was the beginning, a simple infection and runny nose, but by Sunday night his condition had worsened and he wasn’t sleeping well, his breathing was rapid, he was wheezing and coughing. On Monday afternoon we took him to the doctor and the diagnosis was bronchitis (bronchiolitis) caused by the RSV virus. The doctor told us that what we were hearing she heard ten times (I think) louder through her stethoscope. Treatment of the bronchitis would last two weeks, and we were loaned an inhalator for that period to use with saline solution and salbutamol. Inhalations were to be done three or four times a day for 15 or 20 minutes each.
After three minutes a real horror began with crying and screaming. Unfortunately such a child is unable to sit longer with a mask on his face. In all we only did the inhalations one day (Tuesday) because on Wednesday morning it turned out that he was allergic to salbutamol. We saw vivid red patches and lumps on our child’s neck and back, so we stopped the inhalations. I must add that salbutamol does not cure bronchitis, but just helps in breathing by relaxing the bronchia. The doctor claimed that it wasn’t an allergic reaction but a type of eczema that had nothing to do with the salbutamol. However, I carefully checked the information provided with the salbutamol once again and read that, though rare, use could result in skin changes (exanthemas), which in the Internet was translated as an exanthema with patches and lumps.
After putting aside the salbutamol the exanthema disappeared. So as you can see, in the case of traditional treatments often we treat one illness and fall victim to another. Unfortunately, and let’s not fool ourselves, medicines are chemicals that “may” help with one illness while poisoning other organs. I put my faith in BSM. I had three nights and in my heart I knew it would work. Why three days? Because our next visit was on Thursday, and our doctor wanted to see if her condition was worsening. On Monday we were given a special suppository to be used if our child had difficulty breathing. We were to use it and take him to the hospital. Returning to BSM, I had to wait until he fell asleep before I could do the treatments as it is obvious he wouldn’t have let me hold my hands on his head for even a minute. I did it for three nights, each time continually holding his head for five hours from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. One the first night, he already slept quietly, coughing only just before morning. The next two nights he slept soundly with no coughing at all. At the check up on Thursday I of course told the doctor what I had been doing and that I had not used the inhalation. After examining my son, the doctor said she heard nothing in his bronchia, the child was healthy and no inhalation with salbutamol was needed (which I had not done anyway), and that he’d supposedly had spasmodic bronchitis – I hope that’s the proper term.
As you can see, thanks to the BSM method, the body returns to its own equilibrium without the use of medicines. In his book, “Self-Healing Using the BSM Method,” the author recommends keeping the hands in place for 30 minutes every four or five hours, but from my own experience I know that we can use that approach to conditions that aren’t so critical or prophylactically. However, in more serious cases you should apply is for as long as you can. Over the course of two and a half days I held my hands on my son’s head for 15 hours, but the effects were amazing.

Aneta Mika from Hamburg