At The Prelude with the list of names of healed People, I wrote that you were Lucky to get to know BSM method.
It gives your families and kids safe life, life Without fear of getting sick and Without fear of suffering caused by diseases. But this Luck is also a commitment.
If you have conscience (only psychopaths dont have it – God forgive them), you wont feel good knowing you can help other People and not doing it.
Many of you, because of Being conformists, try to assuage your guilt, by adding in your mind some kind of wrong philosophy: what if there are going to be too many People? Or, whats even worse, “religious” People Thinking: it cant be like that, suffering ennobles. Of Course, by it they mean other People, not themselves.
This kind of Thinking, or worse – living by it, has fascism Basis. There is no Curtain between fascism and conformism.

I used to write before, that mind Without heart, lead be your ego, is dangerous for human life.
Dont try to fix nature.
Animals know by their instinct, What to do, when there are too many of them.
Natural selection starts to work, making changes in DNA, helping stronger win this race. Better adapted organisms are going to survive.
But human also has a mind, mind which should Cooperate with conscience.
It is easy to See, how People change while using BSM method.
Ask yourself: is risking your life worth it, if you can live Without suffering?
Who is going to go at war? Who from you is going to start a war?

How criminal is going to act knowing well he can go to prison? Very often criminals Come from families, who taught them and told them that world is bad place. Isnt he going to think, that Freedom is better? Wont he try to change his family way of Thinking?
The ongoing Cruelty of this world, together with hopelessness against suffering and diseases, mostly cancers, is the reason of trying to make your life better by choosing criminal Path.
Those who live in families knowing Method, are going to think twice before taking this risk.

Selfhealing BSM method can make Times of evil disappear. If Everybody who know method, would listen to their conscience, It would be known all over the world.
Every one of you should spread the knowledge about The Method.
The Method is known by poor and Rich. Scientists and lawyers. Judges, prosecutors, policemen.
It is known by politicians (there were Times when 400 copies of book were bought in one week by members of Polish National Goverment, as you know, these members almost didnt change in decade or more).
All of you should do whatever you can, to spread knowledge about The Method and show it to others.
To help a person suffering from disease, you Just need to send them an email with list of People healed by BSM. List can be find in: Examples and Opinions.
About BSM method we should inform not only those suffering from sickness but also those who are healthy. Send them link to main page and ask what are they Thinking. Maybe they know a sick person who needs help? If Some of with you have ideas needing consulting with me, dont mind messege me on e mail or call.

Some of you are trying to spread The Method by illegal copies of book. Be Careful. Unfortunately money are mostly still more valuable than knowledge and science.
Each book we sell is giving us more money for advertisments and spreading knowledge about The Method. If the other million of books werent copies, but originals, method would be known by most of Polish People and also foreigners. Book is available in 5 languages on our main website.
If Someone is in hard life situation, and 25 PLN is too much to pay, please contact me via mail and book will be send for free.

Unfortunately, buying book for Someone isnt enough. Many People are sceptical and need convincing. Good way is to show them article: Discovery is something what Everyone can See, but didnt think about before. There you can find Pictures which are going to Convince any sceptical person.

Spreading BSM method gives our Goverment Huge Savings when it Comes to healthcare. We have Best healthcare in post-socialistic countries, better one is only Czech country.
Tho its official, Goverment is hiding these informations because they lack rational and logical explanation. They should announce that polish People are using The Method, but it would be very dangerous for medical lobby.
Thats why situation of most polish hospitals is so sad and grotesque, they keep there People who dont need to be hospitalised. And here we are, listening that country needs more money for healthcare from their citizens Walllets.

Doctors and pharmaceutists know about The Method, even if they dont talk about it. The most of sold books, were sold in medical bookstores.
Doctors should have possibility to become a different kind of workers. They have Amazing memory, which would be approved and appreciated in many Jobs. People knowing Method should give them reassurence and understanding, not grumpiness.

Another thing worth to think about is why pro ecological organisations wont support The Method. Its all for show. Now, its cool to be fighting in the name of clean Earth. But why any of these organisations wont mention that the biggest destroyer of enviroment is pharmaceutic business? Are they paid for living in Peace?

Because The Method is the reason where pharmaceutic business isnt needed. Here we have an example of hypocrisy under the mask of doing good. But there is going to be less and less hypocrisy, when The Method will be spread and known better