I got to know BSM when I had an allergy at the end of 2006. My illness started 3 years earlier. For a long time I did not even know what I was suffering from. In 2004 I was 3 weeks in a dermatological hospital in Cracow, and in a very difficult condition. For two years the doctors could not diagnose exactly what it really was. When my dermatologist only saw me, she got upset. The trial and error method proved that I suffer from allergy, but an allergy on the verge of liver disease and weakness of the immune system. This is a particular type of allergy, intolerance to food preservatives.

It was manifested by the fact that I swelled on my face and neck, and it went even lower. Liquid was seeping from the swelling. At the end of 2006, three times my case was so severe that an ambulance was called. At that time, I was treated with diastolic agents. My unlucky month was November 2006, I was ill almost all month I had 6 severity of the disease. It was then that my colleague, having learned about my condition, taught me to hold a position 2 of BSM. When he told me about it, another relapse of the disease had just begun.

Previously, I usually swallowed a few medicines and used antibiotic ointment. But this time it was different. Under the influence of my friend I didn’t take any medications this time, I left only aloe vera cream, I held position 2 alternately and this time I didn’t swell. Only my face turned red. I was very surprised, as I usually swelled and it kept me about a week.

Surprisingly, this time I could also fall asleep. A colleague made me hold my position 2 three times a day for 40 minutes. After three days there was no sign of having an attack. After the disease, only terribly damaged and peeling skin remained… After those hard days I discontinued two after 2 weeks, and I shifted to position 5. Today I have a smooth face. No sign of attack. But my immune system hasn’t rebuilt yet. Because a month ago someone gave me potato pancakes with onions from the supermarket (sprinkled or canned). At that time I kept 5 once a day (only 0.5 h). However, the allergy attack was terribly weakened, for 12 hours I was pinched only by my eyelids. There is no other possibility, BSM helped me. I no longer buy food with food preservatives. I buy products in shops with healthy food, which have their products attested.

And one more event, after 2 months of using BSM (position 5) I lost 6.5 kg. And this weight is kept. I must admit that I have a beer belly because I like to eat well, although I’m a vegetarian for 20 years.

I still have some plans for BSM. I would like to lose weight with 20 kg. I would also like to rebuild my liver.

And at this point I wanted to ask you a question. In the 60’s I went through mechanical jaundice. In the appendix I send you a scan of results from a dermatological hospital from 2004. It is described there that I have HBS positive. Is it possible for me to get a negative HBS after some time? I use position 5 for this.

Finally, I would like to say that I try to promote BSM among my friends. But people are terribly stubborn. BSM seems to them to be too simple. People do not believe that they can be healthy literally for free. I and my friend have already bought a few dozen books with a record and we distribute them to the right and left. We have acquaintances in the Czech Republic, they also received several books.

My colleague knows the BSM maybe from 5 years. He told me all these years about BSM, he borrowed a book but it didn’t help, I wasn’t sick and defenseless enough to reject drugs and use BSM. That’s why I understand my friends who can’t believe it. However, in my opinion, it is important for them to know BSM passively, when they really fall ill, maybe they will remember about BSM.

We have recorded about 7 episodes of your program on ITV television. Recordings on DVDs are distributed to whom we can. It is important for people to see that BSM is not a book, a theory of health, but a method that can be tested. BSM is not afraid to confront the disease.

I am sending protests to various televisions that they do not want to invite you to run a health corner with BSM. In my opinion, this is a huge scandal. This shows the corruption of politicians and journalists. This shows that they do not want what is good for us. They only want our votes and our taxes. I will also write to the Broadcasting Council that I stop paying the subscription until there is a TV program about BSM with your participation.

I think that such a petition with signatures could bring some results.

I wish you health, and I would like to hear from you about the possibility of getting rid of positive HBS in your blood.

Andrzej Faber, Cracow

REPLY: Using this method we can get rid of both liver virus type B and liver type C.
Piotr Lewandowski