I have been suffering from a rheumatism since July 1994. At the beginning I had been undergoing pharmacological treatment for 6 months, but this did not help me at all, I was in a critical condition. Then I started a 9-month herbal treatment, it was much better, but malformations remained and even got worse. In December 1995 I heard about BSM and decided to try it. After 2 years, I was cured to such an extent that the pain no longer accompanied my movement, apart from knee contractures, I was able to cure 90% of my malformations. I also did a medical examination, which turned out to be very good (OB-8, before using the method OB-140).
Ewa Kura from Wałbrzych

From birth we are being told lies, manipulated every step of the way. The BSM method will lead to 15 years! A remission of my rheumatic disease. Something amazing, if it wasn’t for your book and my mother’s persistence, I don’t know what my life would be like now. Thank you very much! This book, along with “how not to die”, reveals to us the recipe for a long and healthy life, a plant diet and self-healing at home. Unfortunately it doesn’t sell well and doesn’t bring billions of dollars in profits, does it? Thank you again, I send my best regards.
Hania Matyja