It helps me with colds, flu, memory, sore throat – position V; for nervous states – position I; it helps with thyroid gland – postoperative hypothyroidism: my thyroid gland has grown twice in one year, since I used it – the BSM method in 2005 – I watched you on TV and it was after the operation in 1999 … I have tests to prove it … of course, the doctor will say that during this time I increased the hormone by quarter of a pill, so the increase was so visible, as it was, but I increased it thanks to BSM … because when I started using this method, I felt a very big weakness, finally I started to take a little more hormone myself: I was taking a quarter of the pill and it was a great choice… because I determined the optimal dose of the hormone, arbitrarily, without a doctor, but during the visit to the endocrinologist the doctor said, that I have an excellent TSH score – that is, at the bottom of norm…and for the last three years another endocrinologist did not pay attention to the fact that I have an elevated TSH – hence sleepiness, weakness, lack of energy and did not do anything about it, did not increase my hormone…I came to this thanks to the BSM method and regained my strength and well-being, It does not mean that this quarter of a pill worked so miraculously that this amount was enough – in general, something good started to happen in my body, because increasing the pill by a quarter is such a minimal step that it is impossible for a thyroid gland to grow twice a year, when there has been no growth since the operation for 6 years – I have had stumps of the thyroid gland… I remember how after a month of first using the BSM method my hair became curly:) how the body was repaired in this way, because the point is that my hair was curly before my thyroid disease, when I got sick, it started to look very greasy and became straight… if I hadn’t watched the show where you talked about BSM on TV, I don’t know what would have happened… so thank you very much and I wish you all the best:)))))
Edyta Piecyk

Good morning, Mr. Peter,

I’ve been using the BSM self-healing method for several months. And just a few months ago, I had no need to treat my cold with medication. My hands were always enough and after a few days I was as healthy as a fish. Thanks to the method, the TSH (I have Hashimoto) also fell good and I was probably able to get pregnant after five months of efforts. You write in your book that this method cannot be used during pregnancy. I am very interested in why and why it can be harmful if it is a natural method. I’m just getting a cold and I’d like to help myself – but how? Back to medication again? I would appreciate an answer to my question.
Hania Kluzak – Skiba

Position V that is often used during the day can lead to a miscarriage. Causes bleeding and discharge. Other poses are less dangerous.
Greetings and thanks for sharing your successes.
Piotr Lewandowski
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