I am a former alcoholic. Someone can say that an alcoholic is always an alcoholic, you can only gain a strong will and not to drink. But thanks to using the B.S.M. Self-Healing Method for a longer period of about a year, I can now drink a glass of vodka or two beers and I don’t use it as I once did. I have the academic title of Ph. I was a lecturer at a university. Due to the fact that I could not refrain from drinking I was simply thrown out of it. I got a job in one of the important state institutions. I tried not to drink. It was going hard, my friend was hiding me. Fortunately, I met a woman who did not know that I was an alcoholic. I didn’t drink half a year when I was with her. There was a banquet. I only decided to drink Campari with juice. It was enough for me to disappear from the banquet and take me to the city. After a week she found me on a recovery in hospital. I thought she would leave me. But she is a good woman.

She gave me a chance. Then I realized that sooner or later it would be the same. I had to do something and I remembered that Piotr Lewandowski gave me his book. I started to use B.S.M. I was so calmer, I was less afraid that I would drink. After a month of time when I saw the drinking people, I didn’t want to do so. I kept my hands on my head for another ten months. We decided with my girlfriend to take a risk at home and check how I will drink beer. It was summer. Nothing dragged me then. And so it happened to me to drink even two beers. I once drank a glass of vodka. I didn’t want to continue drinking. I confirmed to myself that I am no longer an alcoholic.

Jerzy from Gdańsk