according to a phone call I send you information about the course of my cat’s disease. Since September 2008 my cat has been suffering from diabetes. All the tests she had carried out in October 2008 showed severe diabetes and severely damaged liver. The vet said that she would soon suffer a lot, so it is better to put her to sleep or administer insulin twice a day. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to inject her, because she won’t allow it. As long as she is in good condition, I’m sure I won’t put her to sleep. Thanks to B.S.M. method, the cat is still alive. I don’t give her any medications, but she is on a strict diet. I feel good about her condition has not worsened, but every day as many times she allows me to do so; I hold my hand on her head. I myself cured myself of insomnia after 10 years of night-time torture. I believe that this method is effective and I am happy to know it. In the attachment I send photos of my cat.

Kind regards

Mirosława from Warsaw