Doctors were unable to diagnose for a long time and myeloma was developing. It was only when my spine started to fail and I couldn’t get up and move because it broke that the doctors tested my blood for myeloma and it turned out that it was the myeloma and that it was decomposing my spine. It was like I wouldn’t have survived six months. And all I could do was lie straight on the floor. Every move is a huge pain, I took painkillers, but as if there were no such. My wife found out about the BSM Method on your Facebook page. She bought a book and started to put her hands on my head. Imagine that every time, it hurt less. After just two weeks, I stopped lying on the floor and started to put my hands. When I was lying there, I had 130 units of monoclonal proteins that ate the marrow. Tests after two weeks have shown that I have 80 units. After a month of using the BSM Self-healing Method I had 25. After two months it was only 2 and now I am more healthy than all others who do not know anything about your book. Nowadays there are no such proteins at all and tests for the presence of cancer cells show that I have less of them than the average person. I hope that my confession will help save other people from inevitable death. From the detection of myeloma it takes up to 5 years to die in our so-called “Super Medicine”. During our telephone conversation you said that they know perfectly well about Self-healing with B.S.M. method, but they still don’t want to say anything to the sick – a rat race based on fighting for money. Is this what our world is supposed to look like? I don’t give all my data, but if a journalist would like to do it or if a person with a well-established position in medicine would be interested, I would be happy to make more available including research.
Paweł from Bydgoszcz