I cured my son for free using the BSM method (a book with instructions available in bookstores). The treatment lasted 1.5 years every day, sometimes I started to doubt, but my son has been without insulin for 6 years and does not even follow any diabetic diet. He simply lives normally.

I recommend this method, I described the case of my son in my work in sports physiology at university (physical education) and I was recognized and highly rated by Prof. Szczepanowska (University of Physical Education in Szczecin).

Mother of the diabetic, from Money.pl portal

P.S. I deliberately expose this entry in the first place because children, despite their long use, will not only get rid of diabetes, but their bodies will develop properly and will not have problems with diseases such as sinuses or allergies. They will develop properly as a result of normal brain development and their intellect will be perceived when they grow up. I have been disseminating this method for 35 years and all the children of my friends have reached a high level of development. All of them graduated without any problems.
Piotr Lewandowski

Interestingly, I can add that I still use the method myself. Thanks to it, without any medication, I maintain clean sinuses, which have been clogged for years. Our close friend in Pretoria uses BSM for very advanced diabetes. She has stopped all medicines and uses only BSM. She feels great and everyone asks her what she is doing that she looks so great! We also have two cases of cancer cure after using this method.

Grzegorz Paszczyk from Pretoria

A few years ago you ran a program with the same title as the book written by you – Self- healing with BSM method. Thanks to the fifth position I managed to get rid of 2 kidney stones – 0.7 and 0.8 cm. This year I bought your book in a new edition, I treat insulin- dependent diabetes mellitus – and this is a good plus because my sugar is normal, I also have normal blood pressure for 4 weeks.

I cordially greet Jolanta Kołtunowicz

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After these 2 years of taking medication, stiffening of hand and leg (right side) decreased, but I started to feel more and more difficulties with walking. Some faint spinal pain with radiation to hips and legs. At that time I learned a lot about the harmfulness of heavy metals on our body… And that’s what we have applied – through vaccines, medicines and toxic food. What’s more, heavy metals are spread by airplanes called chemtralis. Aluminum, lead, mercury, etc… What damages the nervous system, brain, destroys immunity. That’s why I started looking for healthy methods of treatment. One day, I received a message from a person who uses this method. I made a closer acquaintance with her. She explained to me that she had cured diabetes, psoriasis, and started walking (the lady has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis). She told me about this method, I called Mr. Piotr Lewandowski and ordered a book. During this time I started to supplement the body with vitamins and microelements from CALIVITA – I recommend super preparations… Since 2 weeks I have been using position 2, 3 and 5, there is improvement, I no longer have these troublesome difficulties with walking. The pressure from spine has passed… CONCLUSION – omnipresent harmful and toxic chemistry causes illnesses. Medicine cures the effect, not the disease. And thus causes further, other illnesses!! Thank you very much for promoting this method.
Maria Urbaniak