Here are some fragments of e-mails testifying to healing flu:

I don’t know if it was a mistake to carry a 2 liter pot full of hot water with lemon and a lot of honey into my room for 2 days? I know that if honey is in water for up to half an hour then if it is drunk fasting (and so drank) it turns into a heart strengthening medicine. So far I’ve been treating flu with this method and after 3 days I jumped like a doe and now I don’t know what’s going on?
Fr. Robert

Reply: Do not drink honey while using B.S.M.
Piotr Lewandowski

In January I applied position 1 to my flu-infected daughter, where fever reached 40 degrees and my daughter healed wonderfully. Earlier I also cured myself from sinusitis and my father from a cataract.
Bożena Partyka

I have been using the BSM method for several years now. It successfully helped me with many diseases (tonsillitis, flu, headaches, and duodenal ulcers).
Zb. Samsel

I have been using your self-healing method for almost 10 years after the program was released on Polsat. Especially when I got flu
Stanisław Rajba

I have been successfully using the B.S.M. method for 2 years now in cases such as flu, toothache, burns, etc. and I am really very satisfied with it.
Artur Kruszyna

I got to know the BSM method in 1996 after your performance on television in the Talk Show. Of course, I bought a book right away. I also have a record. It is a pity that I have not been able to watch your programs on television so far. I tried it many times (mainly for colds, flu, and tonsillitis) and it helped.
Bożena from Gdańsk

So far, with the BSM method I have managed to cure flu, a cold with a high fever many times. Throat pains disappear after one half-hour session.
Piotr Kwiatkowski

For many years your book remained on the shelf until December last year. I fell ill with flu and thanks to BSM I quickly recovered. My husband, who is unbeliever, has also recovered.
Grażyna Kociubska

Ohm I have already cured acute flu and other upper respiratory tract infections, as well as stomach pains caused by gastric neurosis.
Agnieszka from Katowice