I have known and used BSM methods for many years, if not for the method of self-healing I would probably be a human wreck today. I cured my stomach and duodenal ulcers, nodules from both breasts, as well as pains in my spine. No one on the forum raised the problem no. 1 among women, which are breast lumps. So I will share my experiences. In 2005 I did a breast check-up (another one). It turned out that there is a cyst in both of them, and in the left one with a dense content. I was referred for a biopsy. I had to wait about 2 months for the examination. And this was my time to act…

I had cured gastric ulcers before, so I thought why not try again.

I decided that every three hours (i.e. 3. 6, 9, 12) I would hold my hands in position 2. I held alternately left and right. Even at night, if I woke up. The day of testing has come. MOMENT OF TRUTH – I thought. During examination the doctor was surprised because he could not find the place where he was to be punctured. He asked the second doctor, they reviewed the referral again. The examination did not take place and the result was as follows: quoted “No tumor lesions were found on the breast ultrasound. The execution of BAC has been abandoned”.

Can you imagine my joy? To this day I still control my breasts, but from time to time I hold my hands in position 2.

It is really WORTH TO try…

The post was written by Ms. Wiesława from Grudziądz