Thanks to your book “Self-healing with B.S.M. method”, once bought by my mother, I learned to cure short-sightedness of eyes. I lay down on a bed, put one hand under my head and every few minutes I changed my hand under my head. For a more pleasant treatment I listened to music, and each song I changed my hand. After around a month of evening healing, I did not need glasses on my lectures.
Tomasz Fułek

I am writing to you to express my appreciation of BSM method. My son was born with a visual impairment – he couldn’t see with one eye at all. After 3 years of visits to prestigious ophthalmologists, it was found that nothing could be done. That’s when I talked to my friend and found out about this method. For 2 months, until my next visit to the ophthalmologist, I was using self-healing vision in position VIII. After 2 months of improvement was colossal, surprised us and the doctor. Our son used to wear very thick glasses (9 dioptres). He is currently 16 years old and wears 1.5 dioptre glasses.
Teresa Olesik from Zawiercie

Yesterday, an ophthalmologist informed my 17-year-old daughter that she had “grown” out of astigmatism (the surprise was huge). My daughter was persuaded by me and held the position VIII for about 3 weeks not believing and a little bit annoyed my mother. Now she is sorry because she has +1,25 in each eye and could completely get rid of the defects and glasses if she used for a longer time. Now he takes up the fight consciously and voluntarily. She became an ardent supporter of this method and persuades her brother who has additional strabismus and time to 23 November (date of the visit to the ophthalmologist). I had to boast because I often bothered you with questions and I always got an answer.
I wish you all the best. Grateful,
Krystyna Balicka

Hello. I just got back with my son from the ophthalmologist and again we have reason to be happy. The son said goodbye to his strabismus. After 11 years of treatment with the same very wise ophthalmologist. She was happy and I didn’t comment on why. First of all she wouldn’t believe it and secondly her son got a great motivation and decided to fight. I will tell her after the treatment so that I can believe in the objectivity of her research during the treatment and the gradual change of glasses to weaker. Thank you for your news on the treatment of short-sightedness. My daughter-student has taken up the challenge (she doesn’t want to be worse than her siblings). I’ll keep you informed about the results. I’m still fighting hip joint degeneration. The spectre of surgery temporarily ceased to frighten me, I exist without pain pills, I am active, I work professionally. I do not expect a complete cure because my condition results from congenital dysplasia and hip hypoplasia. I am focusing on pain relief and exercise improvement and wish you all the best.
Krystyna Balicka