I saved my mom from a heart attack. Mom had a seizure, so her limbs were twisted. When I kept my hand on her head, I saw them twist back on. Holding my hand turned out to be quick and efficient. When the ambulance arrived, Mom was conscious and she was already walking.
Paweł Tręk from Warszawa

I avoided a heart transplant. I was awaiting for a transplant when my friend told me about the B.S.M. method. At first I didn’t want to believe it, so he was holding my hand. I thought that he had such medicinal properties, because after two weeks the tests showed a significant improvement in results, the next two weeks I was already holding on to it and it turned out that the operation was unnecessary. After a year I forgot, rarely held my hand, and after a long journey by plane, and after a strenuous work at night, my heart swung again. I had to get medical attention. But now it’s been two years since then and I have no heart problems. I normally work, I hold my hand alone every day and sometimes my daughter holds me. I know now that I have to hold my hand for a few more years, as you write in your book in the chapter “You don’t have to die for a heart.” Maybe if I tell you about my case, I can help other sick people.
Tadeusz from Warszawa

I would like to share my experience with your method. When my mother had a heart attack two years ago, I found her in hospital incapable of any independent movement and babbling. After 40 minutes of holding my hand on her head in a life-saving position, my mother started to speak fluently. This “treatment” I’ve been repeating for two more days. The doctors were surprised at my mom’s quick recovery. They found that they had made a mistake in evaluating the mother’s initial condition in the early stages of treatment. Let them think like that, and I know what I know…
Elżbieta Grabińska

Note! This method must not be used when the patient has an intubation tube inserted.
Piotr Lewandowski