Dear Sirs
I am extremely happy that I recommended the BSM method to a friend of mine. His mother had heart surgery in May 2010 – a new aorta…

The surgery itself went very well. Prognosis was good, but after a few days it turned out there was a stroke in the lungs, liver. Then kidneys fell apart until his mom was connected to dialysis. Because she was in a coma, the ventilator was breathing behind her, and dialysis removed at least part of the contamination from her body… This lasted until the end of June. Patient received a 4,000 Euro worth injection… and nothing… there was no improvement. My friend had a bigger burden than his siblings/family, because before the operation he was the one who signed the document, which said that it was him who would decide about disconnecting the equipment (we’re talking about Germany). Seeing him suffer, I started to think how to help him, what to do!

I remembered the BSM method and remembered that position I is used in critical situations until it improves. Since I didn’t have a book anymore, because I borrowed it and somebody told me not to take it away I started to look on the Internet, I just had to see a picture with hand in it.

I went to a friend and told him what experience I had with this method and I know that it helps even in such critical situations. I showed him the positions, I told him how long it would take, etc., everything I knew.

A friend of mine still drove over 300 km one way to his sick mother’s every day. He didn’t want to persuade to stay there for a few days at once, because he wanted to continue his work… Such an obligatory man Well, as long as he was driving so long, he put his hand in this position, I said that he could also put his forearm, and so on. After all, the hand cannot be used for such a long time… After 3 weeks the patient was prepared for another ward for rehabilitation.

She regained consciousness, the ventilator was removed, dialysis was unnecessary…

This is the moment when everyone has tears in their eyes… family or other people… Since August 2010 she was in rehabilitation for 1 month.

From that moment on, she is at home and feels quite well… The life threat has been eliminated, but no one is involved in any other treatment than pharmacological hypertension, arthritis, etc…

I have to say, to my surprise, nobody wants to hear about anything anymore, i.e. the subject has died down and only once was mentioned. The most important thing is that Mom is alive… It’s like witchcraft was used and helped, but now nobody talks about anything anymore

However, I am happy that I could help… Everyone needs to know what is most important for them and what they should do for their health. You always have to take your health in your own hands, because no one will understand us better than we do….
Anna Rzepińska, Niemcy

When we have such a situation, or someone has lost consciousness, and we do not remember how to put our hand, we put it on the sick person’s head in the place of edge – the contact of upper plane of the head with plane of the occipital plane. There’s a trunk there – a brain stem that needs to be covered. It follows from this entry and below that the drugs are not interfering. Probably because they’re supposed to cause more oxygen in the brain. This is achieved much faster and almost immediately by holding the hand. Continue to try to get a book so that you don’t make mistakes in your therapy.
Piotr Lewandowski

21-01-01-2007 at 12:18 p.m., guest:
My daughter, at the age of 22, was exposed to carbon monoxide during a bath on 28.12.2006 and was probably as a result of hypothermia got viral meningitis and encephalomyelitis. The type of virus was not determined but is treated preventively, receiving medication from swelling, anti-inflammatory and receives medication to improve the blood flow in the brain. She was in a coma for eleven days. Meanwhile, we consulted with doctors in Warsaw in the infectious disease hospital at Wolska Street, but they did not give any hope of getting out of the disease without any damage. In the military hospital at Szaserów Street we were officially told to look for a place for our daughter in a hospice or what kind of centre for the seriously ill. During the hospital treatment we used the method according to Mr. Lewandowski’s book entitled ‘Self-healing with B.S.M. method’. Currently, the daughter regained consciousness is already in contact, so far behaves as a three-year-old child but already recalls the single facts, begins to recognize the closest family and on the pictures recognizes some people from universities and sailing camps. We are currently looking for a rehabilitation hospital. Probably the best one is in Warsaw at Sobieskiego Street and the second one at Raptach Śląskich. We haven’t made it there yet. There are a lot of difficulties for the doctors along the way. It’s not just trouble to say how much for a visit. A quick recovery of the daughter from her coma was a surprise for the doctors and the current EEG result was also a surprise that there are very small changes in the brain. Previous tests have shown three large areas of damage. I personally recommend to read the book by Mr. Lewandowski and I think this method helped our daughter. He’ll write about further treatment and effects in a few days’ time. Wednesday is the end of anti-viral treatment and we’ll see about that. It’s the BSM method that works! It really does wonders!!! I know, because I cured myself of a disease in which I had no chance – according to doctors – to cure!