I have been using BSM for years for various health problems and it has helped me to get rid of asthma, and year after year I have less and less problems with sinuses, among others I regained my sense of smell after many years of not feeling anything. I would like to share a piece of information that is unusual for me. I used position 2 for wounds and warts in my 9- year-old son and within two weeks the warts disappeared. Earlier we used various methods, first natural, then ointment from the pharmacy, then homeopathic ointment again. This lasted several months. My son felt a lot of pain. It was only after some time that I read on your website that BSM helped somebody to get some warts. I cannot express my gratitude for this small booklet, which contains such invaluable information that helps me and my family to live a healthy life. Thank you very much and send my greetings.
Katarzyna Gajewska


Dear Mr. Piotr, I know the B.S.M. method for many years I have cured my son from Asthma, my wife healed constipation and regulated her menstrual cycle, and a friend regained her sight of one eye and many other minor healings…
Dariusz Bartosik


I used to practice BSM and I recovered from asthma…
Helena Brudzińska


He was even suspected to have developed childhood bronchial asthma.

In June I went with him to the sea where I met people using the BSM method, who treated their son from epilepsy in this way. Immediately after my return I ordered a book and started to use the 5th position method.
For half a year our son was not ill. When a light cough or runny nose appeared, I started to use the method more often, until it was cured…
Marta Magiera

My name is Anna. I am a teacher and I have 30 years of age. I wanted to share with you my experiences with regard to BSM self-healing.

I met the above mentioned method by accident. At the turn of September and October I was in a hospital for acute hepatitis. After leaving the hospital I waited for long months of treatment (I was given at least half a year to treat my liver) and it would have been so surely if it had not been for a good friend of our family. It was then that she encouraged me to get familiar with this method. I started to watch a TV program and bought a booklet. I studied this book for a month and watched your program. Finally, I decided to take the risk. I put away my medication and systematically put my hands in position V. I did not have to wait long for effects. Already after a few days it was known that it was getting better and better. After a month I did a check-up and it turned out that I had very good results. At the moment, after three months of using this method I still feel great!

Using this method I also got rid of the asthma that I had been suffering from since I was born. Until now I couldn’t function normally in life without medication, I always had to limit myself. Now I no longer have to! I can live and enjoy life!

Thanks to this method I also helped myself with painful and irregular menstruations. Until now I had to take hormonal pills or not to work for 3 days. It was unrealistic in my work so I was taking hormones. Now I don’t take medicines and I don’t have to go on sick leave. My month has regulated and, what is most important, I do not feel strong, unbearable pains in these days.

Despite my young age, I also had problems with migraines. The pain was so severe that only trauma-l-type sedatives could bring me relief. With BSM self-healing I no longer have migraine! It’s a really great feeling to live a full life!

I am extremely grateful for spreading this method and I thank you for not having to use so many medicines and for continuing to function normally in life. It’s really a great feeling after so many years not to take any medicines! Thanks to you and this method, I finally enjoy life in a full sense of the word.

Thank you again.

Warm greetings, Anna