My sister was diagnosed with borreliosis very late after two years. She did not tell the doctors that she was bitten by a tick in her leg and they could not diagnose the disease. Her leg was festering and it was getting worse and worse. When I took my sister to the hospital, I said that it was probably because of a tick they did a test for borreliosis and started to treat it, but it still didn’t work. Injures appeared on my sister’s stomach, from which pus started to leak. Doctors also said that the disease attacked her kidneys. They gave my sister strong painkillers. But she was crying out of pain. And I learnt from a neighbor that she had seen on the Internet a website where a woman who had recovered from sarcoidosis and osteoporosis was shown, and that she had stopped walking on crutches. She was cured according to your book that I bought. After reading it, I took my sister home from the hospital and started to hold her hands on her head, but not my hands but her, because I was afraid that the disease wouldn’t affect me. I wore gloves and put on her hands only to support them. Immediately there was such a reaction that the whole body pain went through her.

After ten minutes she was already smiling and we were talking to each other. With time, leaks from the abdomen disappeared. Already after two weeks my sister started to move normally, as she had been so weak that she only wanted to lie down. Now my sister is fully operational.

She runs a big house, which needs a lot of strength to process it. My sister name is Teresa Kucińska and lives in Wielbark near Szczytno.

Irena Woźnica