Good morning,
by this e-mail, I would like to confirm the effectiveness of BSM method and thank you.

I had neck problems a few days ago. Probably I caught a chill and in the morning I felt a very strong pain in the back of my neck, I had a feeling of stiffness. I couldn’t bend down or turn my head, I had problems to lie down and then get up, because with the slightest movement the pain was unbearable. I used positions II and IV for 3 days (twice a day, half an hour each). And it helped me a lot. After three days, there was no pain. I have had such an ailment before and usually suffered for about 2 weeks. Thank you very much again for your help. I have been watching your program since September and together with my family we are using the BSM method, which helps us a lot.
Pozdrawiam Beata Mosakowska