Dear Peter, many years ago, thanks to your help, I cured myself of Monday’s attacks of paranoid schizophrenia, which made it impossible for me to work – I am very grateful for that!

At that time I used position number I, four times on Sunday – at first it was difficult, but with time the attacks started to disappear! It took a couple of weeks. I think no more than 2 and a half months, then sporadically to strengthen myself when I had a worse mood.
Zbigniew Kamiński

I have to share information about my health, I have been suffering from neuroses for almost 40 years, and I also had globus histericus, which was very unpleasant. For a few good years I had been on pharmacological treatment, which was almost good, but unfortunately after I stopped taking medication, everything came back, and it was even more intense.

From 4 January this year I started to use the BMS method pos. I and V at the beginning I kept 1 hour 3-4 times a day, after two weeks the neurosis started to disappear, the pressure in throat was becoming less and less frequent, now it is sporadic and passes quickly. I also had heart problems resulting from neurosis and now I am not taking any cardiac medications. I sleep perfectly I do not suffer from insomnia as before. By the way, my sinuses have been cleared, my tonsils have decreased, my tinnitus begins to disappear, sometimes they are gone.

I have been without any sedatives or medicines since 4 January and I no longer need them at all. Now I am a calm, quiet person who returns to normal life, to people and to work. I still hold my hands but for less than 30 to 40 minutes two or three times a day depending on my free time. That’s pretty much enough now. I don’t take any medication, just vitamins and minerals. I eat normally and do not follow any special diet. I am currently drinking coffee and tea. I’m back to my normal life.
I wish you all the best
Grażyna Kurowska

Thanks to your book I recovered from neurosis and my friend got rid of depression. I was so sick that I couldn’t get her out of the house all day. And now we’re going to the dance.
Elżbieta z Niemiec