I cured my child by self-treating B.S.M. from cerebral palsy. I found out about it from a script I received from a friend in 1980. My son was a sick, weak and incapable of any movement, premature infant with twisted limbs. After three months of using the B.S.M. self-healing method, the effects were noticed only by me. Without losing patience, I continued to use this method. In primary school the effects of disease were still visible – my child attended a special school, in secondary school – I enrolled him to a regular school. He is now 24 years old, he is a tall man, graduated from university, speaks foreign languages and there is no sign of his illness. Child cerebral palsy is considered by medicine as an incurable disease. In this situation, unnecessary surgeries are performed in order to relax the muscles. After them, my son would not be cured, even with the B.S.M. self-healing method.
Jadwiga from Piła

There was no book in the ‘80s, there was only a script written by me.
Piotr Lewandowski