I have also found out more details about one of cured cancers. A woman was admitted to one of the hospitals in Pretoria with a diagnosis of lung cancer. It was to be operated on. She was supposed to wait about a week in hospital to prepare for the operation. I don’t know who gave her a book about the BSM method. I only know that for a week before the surgery she held her hands very intensely. After a week the tests were done again and the doctors were very concerned as the cancer disappeared almost completely. They even suspected that a bad diagnosis had been made or documents had been mistaken. The woman was discharged from hospital without surgery. At home she continued to use BSM with great perseverance and on subsequent tests a complete cancer disappearance was found.
Sincerely greetings
Grzegorz Paszczyk

I was cured of lung cancer with liver metastases! I had a malignant breast cancer, my breast was removed and the lymph nodes on the left side, I took chemistry. After two years, the tests showed that I had extensive lung cancer and a significant metastasis on the liver. I was taking medicines that didn’t help. As I accidentally saw a program on ITV television about BSM self-treatment method, I started trying to use it on myself without taking medication; I told the doctor who agreed to it. After two months I did an examination and it turned out that I did not have cancer on my lungs. Only the remains on liver were left. After two months I did another test, which showed disappearance of the cancer also from the liver. After half a year I did the third test, which showed the same as the second that I was already healthy. I already have all the tests and I can prove it. I held my hands in 5th position every day and sometimes at night, almost without a break.
Grażyna Cymerman from Łódź

Half a year ago my husband was discharged from the hospital, because doctors stated that he cannot be cured of lung cancer. The cancer was so extensive that it covered the whole lung and part of the second. I got to know the B.S.M. method from friends in Poland who read an article in press. For half a year my husband kept his hands in V position, although he stopped choking and started to breathe normally, he lost appetite and weight. Blood tests have shown that it has too much lime. When he was taken to hospital for decalcification, it turned out that there was no cancer. On the other hand, too much calcium in the blood was caused by the fact that instead of being deposited on the lungs, the lime was transferred to the blood. Our joy has no end.
Grażyna from Amsterdam

Hello, I am new here.
My husband’s medical history with full documentation has been posted on the proud spiro spero forum. Gastrointestinal cancers: pancreatic cancer – you can help. Pancreatic cancer is called the “nightmare of oncology”. And there is no exaggeration in that. But this does not mean that we have no chance at all in the fight against cancer. The case of my husband is an example of this. Non-surgical tumor of pancreas head /fluids on vessels/. We heard this diagnosis after the operation. Up to six months of survival! The surgeon took the excision, cut out the gallbladder, performed a bypassing anastomosis and neurolysis of the visceral plexus. This was 1 September 2010. The first CT /22.10.10/ surgery showed almost double enlargement of the tumor and numerous metastases to the liver and spleen appeared. Palliative chemotherapy has started. Today, it already lasts 8 months, my husband is happy with the total remission of disease. He went through 3 chemotherapy programs. From the very beginning of the oncological treatment, we used complementary oncotherapy, supporting the patient’s organism, under the supervision of a doctor who deals with integrated medicine. I’ve never looked for “miracle cures” for cancer, because there are no such cures. I have chosen for my husband the best specialists, oncologists, dieticians, bioenergotherapist, and a doctor combining academic and natural medicine. In the first phase of the disease my husband used BSM method. Pancreatic tumor disappeared 2 months after oncological and natural treatment. I know that this is an incredible success. This month a foundation /institution of public benefit/ will be established, which main objective will be to promote complementary medicine. We are both honorary members with our husband as we have trusted and succeeded in such treatment.
Greetings, I encourage you to read my post on this forum.
Grażka 1 from forum

Of course, this post was deleted from the oncological forum proud spiro spero, and Grażka did not manage to establish a foundation, probably out of fear of the doctors’ lynching the environment. There is no reason to consider pancreatic cancer incurable, at least this is not the case with B.S.M. On the other hand, in some cancers, medical advice should be more closely followed, which I write about in my book entitled “Self-healing with B.S.M. Method” – in detail in new editions.
Piotr Lewandowski

Results of my examinations – PSA -8.9, in ultrasound examination there was a large prostate tumor, the urologist taking all my results and the result of manual examination, stated that I have prostate cancer. He referred me for a biopsy to see if cancer is malignant. It was the end of November 2008 and I was admitted to the biopsy at the end of January 2009 – as the urology unit was closed due to lack of funds. My doctor prescribed me some tablets, which were supposed to help me until then, but they did not help me at all. At that time, my mother reminded me of the unconventional method of treatment the so-called BSM – a detailed description of this method in the book, propagated by Mr. Piotr Lewandowski. Once my son, 6 years old, burned half of his face with boiling water, and I treated him with this method for about 3 months, after the burns there is no trace left. I took a book and a centimeter of tailoring in my hand, carefully measured the sensory tip on my head and I treated myself first with position no. 5 – I held my hands for 30 minutes, and then position no. 1 also 30 minutes, I devoted 3 hours to this treatment as I repeated treatments 3 times a day, in the morning, noon and evening. After 2 weeks, the urine flow increased a little, and at night I walked only once, not ten times. Before the biopsy I made a PSA result – it dropped from 8.9 to 2.6. In the urologist before the biopsy, I showed 2 results, the doctor was shocked – he asked me what medications I had taken – probably some American – he said. I said that I have my treatment method, he had no time to listen to me, he decided that the biopsy would not be done, but for 3 months I have to do the results on PSA and come for the test. After 3 months, the PSA dropped to 0.6 and this is still the case today. During examination the urologist stated that tumor disappeared. Today I do not claim that the prostate is 100% healthy, I think that it is 70% – 80% healthy. The method is not effective for everything, but 3 years ago, my mother had a tumor on her breast, she was registered with an oncologist. There were 2 weeks left before the visit, I precisely measured her sensory tip and ordered to use position no. 2 three times a day for 30 minutes. Mother held her hand in this position 5-6 times a day, and after 2 weeks the tumor disappeared, the oncologist did not find any tumor, he said that everything is fine.
Renegat 17.01.2015 from forum

Doctors for a long time could not diagnose me and myeloma developed. It was only when my back started to fall apart and I couldn’t get up and move, then doctors examined myeloma’s blood and it turned out that it was the cause and that it was decomposing my spine. It was such a condition that I wouldn’t have survived even half a year. And I could only lie down on a straight ground. Every movement was a huge pain and the pain relievers were and as if they did not exist. My wife found out about the Method from your website Self-healing with BSM method on Facebook. She bought a book and started to put her hands on my head. Just imagine that after each putting her hand on me it was less painful. Just two weeks later I stopped lying on the floor and started to put my hands on my own. As I was lying, I had 130 monoclonal protein units that devoured the marrow. Tests after two weeks showed that I have 80 units. After a month of using the salutary Method of BSM Self-healing I still had 25. After two months I had only 2 and now I am healthier from all others who do not know anything about your book. Now there are no such proteins at all and tests for the presence of cancer cells show that I have less of them than the average person. I hope that this my testimony will help save other people from inevitable death. From the detection of myeloma it elapses up to 5 years of life to death with our so-called Super Medicine. During our telephone conversation you said that they know very well about B.S.M. Self-healing Method, but in spite of that they do not want to share it with the patients – a rat race based on the fight for money. Is this how our world should look like? I do not provide all my data, but if a journalist would be interested or if a person with an established position in medicine is interested, I will be happy to provide more information, including medical examinations.
Paweł from Bydgoszcz