Hello, Mr. Piotr,
I’ve been using the BSM self-healing method for several months. And just a few months ago, I had no need to cure the cold with medication. My hands were always enough and after a few days I was as healthy as a fish. Thanks to the method, my TSH (I have Hashimoto) also decreased nicely and I was probably able to get pregnant after five months of efforts. You write in your book that this method cannot be used during pregnancy. I am very interested in why and why it can be harmful if it is a natural method. I am just getting a cold and I would like to help myself – but how? Back to medication again? �� I hope you will answer my question..
Hania Kluzak – Skiba
Position V that is often used during the day can lead to a miscarriage. Causes bleeding and discharge. Other positions are less dangerous. Greetings and thanks for sharing your successes.
Piotr Lewandowski